Tears Of A Tiger

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Tears Of A Tiger

Author: Sharon M. Draper

Question 3 Andys suicide

Question 4 imagine Monty in ten years

Research Topic

Describe Andys decline dicuss all the factors that contributed to Andys suicide. could Andys death could have been prevented, how? Andys death could have been prevented in many ways if the teacher would have reach out the his psychologist he might refused have let andy not go to there metting (114-116). Or if his parents would have seen or showed that they genully really do care may be he would have just lived a little longer so he would nt let his parents. When he was holding the gun in his hand(163-167) ,he could of thought about monty and how he really loved andy, and how he cared about him if andy would of thought about andy he might not of done suiced. an lastly kehsia 133)if she wasnt so stubborn after his proformance at the talent show( andy would have been able to let out his feeling to her she would have stoped him from his suiced like she did on the brige.

Imagine Monty in ten years. when he will be that age that Andy was when he died.Montys life will never be the same he now wont have an older brother to look up to and he wont have anyone at home to talk to. now that this happn he will have to live with his mom. There parents attuides withh change because now he gets all this attention from his parents even though he got almost all the attention in the frist place. in my own opption there familywill be both strethin and completly destroyed because now his parents are devoirced and live in seprate houses. thee now getting there life together but in the process they had to lose there frist born child in a tragic suicede. now theres noone to help will grades or social life, + depresstion. Theres now one to carefor ( besides Monty) and no one to make the jokes in the back of the lass room or anything that would of involed andy is all gone even though there family got a little bit of strenght they still have to deal with the loss of there son.(166-179)

after reading thre artical in help.org i found out that some symtoms of depresston are, feelings of severe despondency and dejection."self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression". as well as Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness or Loss of interest in daily activities.Appetite or weight changes. As well Sleep changes and Anger or irritability. you ca have loss of Loss of energy and Self-loathing. and the most common is Reckless behavior.Some steps that can revent this is to go to a phystrist before it turns into a real problem, as well as not thinking negitve, talking anothe adult you can trust. freinds can tell and adult if the person is to shy to tell anyone, keeping them busy so the have no time to think about it or do suicide. My mom and grandma both have depresstion they can be poitive but most of the time they cry or argue, so in my case i have to be like Keshia helping them out and leasing and since we cam here they have gotten alot better there room for inprovment. ( 1 from google defitions) (hepguide.org)

letters for andy


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