Teara Molly Brown

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Teara Molly Brown

Molly Brown

My person's name is Molly Brown. You may know that she was on the Titanic when it sunk but she did survive and that is how she got her nickname the unsinkable MollyBrown. A few years after the accident group of people thought it would be cool to make a movie of the Titanic so people could see what happend to the Titanic when it was sinking .

At age 18 Molly Brown met 32 year old James Joseph Brown. That year they were married on September 18th. The next year they gave birth to a baby boy named Lawrence . When Lawrence was 2 years old he became an older brother to a baby girl named Catherine .Soon after they moved into a bigger home. The family wasn't rich until J.J's mine had hit a gold strike and the gold strike was every were in newspapers and all Molly could think of is how happy her parents would be .

This is a picture of Molly in her 20's.

Most people used to make up stories about her like that all the floors in her house were made of silver dollars. You can tell that's not true.

A cool fact is that her house is still standing and you can go to the house and look inside and walk around if you want to find more info. Go click on the pointing hand.

Click the green leaf to find info on Molly and the Titanic.

By Teara Ben-Joseph

did you know that Molly owns a summer house in southwest Denver, minutes from the foothills and downtown Denver ? To find more info click on the rain drops.


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