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The Procedural due process act affords parent(s)/guardian(s) several safeguards as it pertains to their child’s education.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) have the right to:1.confidentiality of records; to examine all records; to obtain an independent evaluation2.receive written notification (in parents’ native language) of proposed changes to their child’s educational classification or impartial hearing whenever disagreements arise regarding educational plans for their son/daughter.4.representation by legal counsel.Nondiscriminatory assessment.1.Prior to placement, a child must be evaluated by a multidisciplinary team in all areas of suspected disability by tests that are not racially, culturally, or linguistically biased.2.Students are to receive several types of assessments, administered by trained personnel; a single evaluation procedure is not permitted for either planning or placement purposes.

Procedural due process.

Parental participation as:1.PL 94–142 mandates meaningful parent involvement.2.Sometimes referred to as the “Parents’ Law,” this legislation requires that parents participate fully in the decision-making process that affects their child’s education



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