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After searching the web I came across Guidance Counseling. Becoming a Guidance Counselor meant that I would be able to help children and also helping sort out their problems that develop throughout life and essentially it was like being a Psychologist in an educational setting. I visited my counselor and to become a Guidance Counselor I had to teach for two years and then go to graduate school for Educational Psychology. I reflected on my time during my internship and remember how happy I was to be working with children and being in that educational atmosphere. In my heart I felt that this was my calling. Initially the degree plan was for EC-6th grade but I switched it to Teaching and Learning Mathematics 4-8th grade. I figured that since I was going to teach that I should teach a subject that I’ve always liked. As of now I am still positive that I’ve made the right choice. I love being around children and I want them to know that math can be fun and exciting. With this degree I have the best of both worlds, I can use my love for children and helping others to excel in the classroom and then further my studies to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a Guidance Counselor!

After I graduated High-school, I received a summer internship working with Neighborhood Centers Inc. I had the privilege of being an Assistant Teacher for a Third grade class and a Kindergarten class at the Baker Ripley Charter School. My job consisted of working alongside the head teachers with passing out papers, grading papers, helping the children prep for in-class quizzes, taking children outside of the classroom and helping them perfect their reading skills and monitoring the after school program. Being in such a welcoming educational setting, helping children learn new concepts, and simply conversing with those children easily made that summer one of the best summers of my entire life. I learned so much about myself and I learned different things from my summer students! Working with those children planted the seed of becoming a teacher in my mind.

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Beginning Thoughts

As I entered college I knew that my goal in life was to make a major positive impact on someone's life. Initially, I had minor thoughts on becoming teacher due to my summer internship. Both of my parents were teachers and my grandfather was a principle, so I had educator blood pumping through my veins. I knew for a fact that I was a people's person, so whatever I majored in, had to deal with people, children specifically. However, at the time I was a bit of a shallow thinker, so the thought of being a teacher was automatically at the bottom of my list, since I knew that teachers did not make an abundant amount of money. I figured that since I enjoyed being around people and conversing with people, I might as well major in Psychology, so that I could eventually become a Psychologist! With seeking a Psychology degree I knew that I could change someone's life for the greater good, while making a decent paycheck!

After about a year and a half, I came to the conclusion that Speech Pathology was also not for me and I was devastated. I was supposed to graduate in a year and I was going to have to switch my major again, I was simply not as passionate with this degree as I once thought. I thought about going back to Psychology, because I really did have a strong passion for being a Psychologist so that I could work with people and help them in a positive way. Being in school and interacting with different people, I realized that I had a soft spot for helping people sort through their problems. I was now on my third year of school and I was no longer a shallow thinker, I then referred to myself as a realistic thinker. I sat myself down and realistically went through my options and thought about what I truly wanted to do with my life time was moving and I had to make a decision quick since school was starting in a few weeks.

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As college progressed, I realized that the psychology route was just not for me. After Psychology did not work out, I first thought that maybe I should switch to Education and give it a shot. However, after a long conversation with a friend, I discovered the wonderful world of Speech disorders. I quickly changed my major to Communication Sciences and Disorders, I wanted to become a Speech Pathologist. I figured that with this degree, I would be able to work with children, which I really wanted to do, and also I would be able help them learn to communicate in creative ways. In my mindset that would definitely help me achieve my goal in impacting someone’s life in a positive manner. Also before switching my major, I did my research and found that Speech Pathologists made a pretty penny, so I was sold!

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