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1. Create a yes/no question based on a story that you and your class have read2. Put the students in small groups3. Pass out papers with the discussion web or have each student to create one on loose leaf paper (every student should have their own discussion web)4. Have the students write the question on their discussion web5. Explain to the students that they will find the good (yes) and the bad (no) side of the question as a group, and then they will write their reasoning in their discussion web. 6. Instruct students to use information from the text, previous classroom discussions, and their own experiences. Explain to the students that opinions are allowed as long as information from the story is used to support the opinion.7. After the explanation, the students will begin their discussion and fill out their discussion webs8. After filling out the yes and no side of the web, each group will discuss their pros (yes) and cons (no) and come up with a conclusion. The conclusion will be based on the yes or no side of the web (in actuality the students are simply picking a side and supporting their decision).9. As a follow-up activity, the class can have a debate (the pros versus the cons).

The Benefits of

• Incorporates all four language arts Reading Writing Speaking Listening• Can be used for prewriting, pre-reading, and post-reading• Students are working in cooperative learning groups• Works well with narratives and expository stories• Can be used across grades and across curriculums• Can be manipulated for various grades and learning levels

• Requires exploration of both sides of an issue during the discussion before drawing conclusions• All children have an opportunity to be involved in the discussion• The pros and cons of the issue are explored• Involves a high amount of participation• Enhances comprehension by making connections to the story and listening to the connections that are being made by group members


Discussion Webs

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