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Teaching with Technology

Joseph Murphy is a 23 year old student at University of Central Florida. He is a part of the new UCF inclusive education services program. Through this program he has been given the opportunity to have a post-secondary educational experience that would otherwise not have been an option for him. Before attending UCF he was in a special diploma program in Seminole County and received vocational training. He also held a position at Florida hospital but was not satisfied with it. He currently lives on campus with a roommate in the same exceptional education program that he is in. While he enjoys living on campus for the most part he goes home to spend time with his family on most weekends. He is an only child and comes from a very caring family. They have assisted and supported Joseph throughout his life and have been true trailblazers in helping him to work past his disability. They are incredibly involved in Joseph’s life and he and his father do many activities together. Joseph’s biggest passion in life is physical fitness. He is currently working in the Recreation and Wellness Center at UCF and greatly enjoys the experience. He works out at the rec center, participates in a physical fitness class, and works with a personal trainer. He spends a lot of his free time training for activities such as mud runs, endurance races, and the Tough Mudder. He loves speaking about the upcoming Tough Mudder mud run he and his father are participating in and enjoys looking up information about it to share with others. His biggest goal in life is to one day open up his own gym. He believes that his experience working in the Recreation and Wellness Center and the many Personal Fitness classes he plans on taking at UCF will help him to accomplish that.

Dragon Instructional Videos

Teaching with Technology-Dragon for Mac-

About Dragon for Mac

Joseph Murphy

Training Phase:Weeks 1-3

Implementation Phase:Weeks 4-8

Assessment Phase:Week 9

Dragon is a software program for Mac computers that dictates and transcribes text, controls your Mac, and uses your favorite apps by voice. With Dragon for Mac, you can transcribe voice memos from a smartphone or portable voice recorder, podcasts or audio files of any single speaker’s voice to text quickly, easily and accurately. The newest version of Dragon has "higher performance with drastically reduced latency and faster editing." According to reviews, Dragon generates new confidence and excitement for learning among students who were previously frustrated by written assignments and unable to demonstrate their true potential. The program also allows you to speak directly to your computer, or to transcribe from a previously recorded audio file. When using it you can speak your punctuation and format your paragraphs with speech. Each person using the program (multiple people can use the same copy) has their own personal account. This allows for personalized settings and voice recognition for multiple users. The new program update comes with an interactive tutorial to help new users and begins with the user reading a short passage out loud. This allows the program to pick up the users accent and general style of speaking.

How Will it Help?

Plan for Integration

Week1- Install Dragon and watch tutorial videos.

Week 2- Complete interactive tutorial in the program and complete speech recognition.

Week 3- Practice every other day this week by using speech recognition to update planner and keep a journal.

Weeks 4 and 5- Complete at least one homework assignment each week using speech to text.

Week 6- Complete at least one assignment each week and use the voice commands to research information online.

Weeks 7 and 8- Take notes for a class at least once a week using speech to text.

Week 9- Instructor verifies that assignments and notes taken while using Dragon are correct and watches a brief demonstration of the student using the program.

References:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75GlIiMdS3Ihttps://youtu.be/nDBfEsZC8yYDragon for Mac - All New version 5 for Mac OS X | Nuance. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.nuance.com/for-individuals/by-product/dragon-for-mac/software/index.htmhttp://www.macworld.com/article/2110425/dragon-dictate-4-review-improved-speech-recognition-makes-for-a-more-reliable-app.htmlhttp://www.nuance.de/dragon/accessibility/dragon-dyslexia-learning-challenges/index.htm

It may take a great deal of time for Joseph to become fully acquainted with the Dragon program. There are a lot of aspects to remember and the software may have difficulty adjusting to his speech patterns. To start off we simply want to get Joseph familiar with how the program works. During the first week he will work with a program facilitator to install the software and watch tutorials and demonstrations on it. In week two he will complete the interactive tutorial that comes with the program and begin practicing so it can become familiar with the nuances of his speech and his speech patterns. By week three he should be practicing at least every other day. He can do this by using it to update his planner and can begin making a journal documenting his experiences with Dragon. He will continue to do this throughout the entire process. The program facilitator will verify that he is ready to move into the implementation phase by checking on the progress of his planner and journal. If the amount of correct material in his notes is less than 80% accurate he will spend more time practicing. Weeks four through eight will focus on implementation. In weeks four and five Joseph will try to complete at least one assignment with 80% accuracy or higher each week using Dragon. In week six Joseph will again complete at least one assignment with 80% accuracy, but will also be given the task of researching online using the program. If his assignments this week do not call for this a practice assignment will be created. In weeks seven and eight in addition to completing at least one assignment with 80% accuracy, Joseph will be asked to begin taking notes in a class of his choosing at least once a week that will be checked by his program facilitator. In week nine we will assess Joseph’s assignments and notes taken while using Dragon and watch him conduct a brief demonstration using the program. If Joseph is able to adequately use the program and his completed assignments were sufficient by receiving grades of 80% or higher, he will simply continue to use the program. If Joseph is still struggling a bit with it we will stop using the program for classwork and go back to practice tasks a few times a week. If Joseph does not like the program or has had no success with it we will find a different program that better suits his needs.

I foresee this program greatly helping Joseph to complete his school work faster and more efficiently. Due to Joseph’s traumatic brain injury at an early age he has very limited fine motor skills. This makes completing his schoolwork very difficult because he cannot write with a pencil and struggles with typing. Joseph currently completes his written tests and some assignments with video recordings of himself summarizing information and answering questions posed to him. This program may be easier for him to work with instead of creating and uploading videos to YouTube every time. It may also be more convenient to his professors. Joseph doesn’t always speak in a clear voice so the program may have difficulties with matching the correct words. The interactive tutorial will assist with this because it has you read a selected passage and works to understand the nuances of your speech patterns. The program will grow to understand Joseph better and better over time with practice. Joseph may unfortunately have trouble remembering all of the built in commands that help you edit and produce your text. Joseph is very tech savvy though and is able to work with most of the programs he currently has access to. I believe that over time he will fully adjust to Dragon. If Joseph enjoys working with the program he can use this for more than simply school work. It will allow him a lot more freedom since he won’t have to rely on as much help. He can use the program for something as simple as social media and web browsing. It can definitely assist in his long term goal of opening his own gym. It would help him to do business related activities that he would previously struggle with, and he could use it to create advertisement. Overall if Joseph is able to work with the program and likes it I think it could be a great suit for him with many benefits.


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