Teaching with Tech 6.3.11

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Teaching with Tech 6.3.11

Teaching with Technology

June 3, 2011

Ideas for using technology to celebrate the school year:--Create a Livebinder to showcase exemplary student work. Use the binder next year to show new students examples of past student work. (http://livebinders.com)--Use Skype to allow your students to chat with students in the grade level below or above you. Students can discuss expectations, ask each other questions, and share their favorite things about their grade level.--Use templates from Microsoft Office to have students design certificates for each other. Have students present classmates with awards such as Best Smile, Most Mathematical, Best Sportsmanship, and Most Creative.--Use a Flip camera to create a video of your students describing their favorite moments from the school year. Post the video to your web page for students and parents to view at home. --Have students create a Glog, blog post, brochure, or Voice Thread to let next year's students know what they can expect in your class, grade level, or subject area.--Upload pictures to Animoto or Photo Story to create a slideshow with music, narration, and/or captions.--Use Wordle to create a word cloud representing the major topics and events from this school year.Click on the stars to view Glogs created by second graders in Angie Sigmon's class.

Jayme LintonInstructional Technology FacilitatorStaff Development Coordinatorjayme_linton@nccs.k12.nc.ushttp://tr.im/nccsinsttech

I'm available throughout the summer to meet with you to help you plan and create instructional resources for next year. Please email or call if you'd like to get together this summer. I would love to work with you. Two heads are better than one!

When you and your students use technology for teaching and learning, please let me know so I can share it with others through this Glog. Email me student samples and a description of how you're using technology or invite me to your classroom to take photos or record video. I'll be sending out 2 more Glogs before summer vacation, so go ahead and send me stuff to share!

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Click here to visit a summer PD blog for teachers. Check back each week for updated resources, tools, and strategies.

Spotlight on Instruction

Next week's Teaching with Technology Glog will share lots of resources and ideas to help you with summer planning as you work to integrate technology into your classroom. Be sure to bookmark next week's Glog and use it as you explore resources and plan over the summer.



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