Teaching with Tech 6.10.11

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Teaching with Tech 6.10.11

Teaching with TechnologyJune 10, 2011

*Transform your existing projects, assessments, and assignments using technology. We can easily take a project you like to do and create a process for doing the same project with technology.*Get a refresher training on technology tools, including Mimio Notebook, Google Apps, Flip Video, Photo Story, Glogster, Senteos, and more.*Get a one-on-one training for a technology tool you haven't used but would like to, such as Prezi, Wordle, Webspiration, Animoto, Voice Thread, Livebinder, Wallwisher, Dropbox, or others.*Create a wiki that you and your students could use in a variety of ways in 2011-12.*Think through ways to infuse technology into your day. We can look at your typical daily schedule and discuss ways you can integrate technology into your existing routines and structures.*Update your School Fusion classroom web page to have a fresh look for 2011-12.

If you haven't already, don't forget to register for the NCCS Summer Educators' Conference! Registration is FREE for all NCCS employees. Please take advantage of this opportunity to earn CEUs while learning about new resources and strategies for the 2011-12 school year. Click here to register.

Click here to read my new blog, Tech Tips for Teachers. I'll update the blog weekly throughout the summer with tips, resources, websites, and ideas to explore and ponder as you think ahead to next year.

Jayme LintonInstructional Technology FacilitatorStaff Development Coordinatorjayme_linton@nccs.k12.nc.us

Miranda Beaudoin, Pre-K teacher at South Newton, created a Livebinder to document her artifacts for the NC Teacher Evaluation. She uploaded lesson plans, classroom pictures, PD documentation, mimio files she created, student assessment forms, and more. She also conducted a Livebinder training for all Pre-K teachers in Catawba County. Click here to view Miranda's online binder! Access code: nccsprek

Don't forget to save your documents and important information before turning in your laptop. The hard drive on your laptop will be wiped clean this summer, so make sure you save your documents, videos, pictures, and other files. You can drag or copy and paste files to a flash drive or external hard drive. Check My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, My Music, and other places to make sure you don't forget anything. Also, don't forget about your Favorite websites! You can export the sites you've marked as Favorites. Open your Internet browser, click File, then Import & Export. Choose Export Favorites and select the location you want to save them to (flash drive or external hard drive). When you get your laptop, you can import your Favorite sites again by clicking File, Import & Export, then choosing Import Favorites. Let me know if I can help you in any way!

Email or call to schedule a time to work together.

Ways We Can Work Together This Summer

These teachers submitted excellent proposals and have been selected to pilot an iPad program in their classrooms next year! Brooke Simpson (South Newton)Billy Cannon (NCMS)Geoff Crosson, Jody Dixon, & Kristin Lampe (NCHSHS)

Click here to visit my Symbaloo page. It's full of websites to explore over the summer!

Back Up Your Important Stuff!



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