Teaching with Tech 3.18.11

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Teaching with Tech 3.18.11

Teaching with TechnologyMarch 18, 2011

Skype is a free resource you can use to connect your students with other classrooms and experts locally or around the world. Several NCCS teachers are using Skype in innovative ways. Conover School teacher Jamie Smith uses Skype to allow her students to communicate with people outside of their classroom walls. NCMS teachers, including Charles Rananto, Terrie McGill, Pete Dragstrem, and Kecia Hopper use Skype to integrate curricular areas. Students and teachers work collaboratively on assignments across classrooms and subject areas. Thinking about using Skype in your classroom but not sure how to get started? Click here to visit Skype in the Classroom, a free directory for teachers. Create an account, then connect with other teachers and experts.

Spotlight on Instruction

Looking for resources to help you provide documentation for your teacher evaluation rubric? Click here to access professional resources through Learn NC that are categorized by the 5 NC Professional Teaching Standards.

Click here to find authors to Skype with your students

Jayme LintonInstructional Technology FacilitatorStaff Development Coordinatorhttp://tr.im/nccsinsttechjayme_linton@nccs.k12.nc.us

Click here for more resources aligned to the NCPTS

Math teachers: Click here to download GeoGebra, a free math software program for teachers and students. The original GeoGebra program was designed for use in high school mathematics courses. They have recently released an elementary version called GeoGebra Prim. It is easy to use and aligned with elementary math concepts. Explore the GeoGebra site for beginner materials and a wiki full of teacher resources and how-tos. This interactive software is a great tool to use with your mimio interactive whiteboard!

Click here to download GeoGebra Prim.

Click here for GeoGebra's YouTube channel.

Click here for an interactive Google Map with the locations of tournament venues as well as the locations of all college teams that are playing in the NCAA basketball tournament. The map includes a measurement tool that will allow you and your students to measure the distance each team has to travel to play in the tournament.

Click here for 50 ideas for using Skype in the classroom

March Madness



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