Teaching with Tech 12.2.11

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Teaching with Tech 12.2.11

Teaching with TechnologyDecember 2, 2011

12/6 - Video Tools, 3:30, NCHS12/7 - Web-based Ideas for the Classroom, 3:30, Conover12/8 - Mimio: The Basics, 3:45, Shuford12/8 - Prezi as a Teaching & Learning Tool, 3:45, Online 12/12 - Engrade, 3:30, NCHS12/13 - Study Island, 3:30, Thornton12/15 - Getting Organized Online, 3:45, Online

Take a look at all of these great opportunities for technology trainings in December!

Jayme LintonInstructional Technology FacilitatorStaff Development CoordinatorNewton-Conover City Schoolsjayme_linton@nccs.k12.nc.us@jaymelinton

Shannon Childress and Cierra Winstead, 4th grade teachers at Shuford, have started a blog to share their awsome strategies and ideas with other teachers. Click here to check it out!!

Check out how Ms. Simpson's 5th graders are using their iPads during math! Click here to read our iPad pilot blog.

Google Earth can be used in infinite ways at all grade levels across all content areas. I recommend that all teachers spend 5 to 10 minutes each day using Google Earth for a daily geography lesson. It's hard for children (and adults for that matter) to develop a sense of where they are in the world. Google Earth can help them do that. You don't need a teacher's manual or curriculum guide to teach with Google Earth. Simply look for ways to incorporate Google Earth into topics you're already exploring with your students. Visit the location of a current event. Explore the setting of a historical fiction text. Calculate the distance between locations. Use historical imagery to go back in time to a significant historical event. Locate the birthplace of a famous historical person. Take a virtual trip before you go on a field trip. Explore constellations, the Moon, and Mars. Use the weather layer to explore and predict weather patterns. Imagine what could happen if you devote 5 to 10 minutes each day to exploring the world in Google Earth. Daily exposure to and work in Google Earth can help us raise a generation of learners with a global perspective.

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