Teaching with Tech 1.14.11

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Teaching with Tech 1.14.11

Teaching with TechnologyJanuary 14, 2011

I know many of you are using Wordle (www.wordle.net) with your students. I wanted to share a few classroom strategies to help you and your students use this easy-to-use tool in new ways.**Create a Wordle as a pre-reading strategy. Find an online version of the text you're reading and paste it into Wordle. Use the word cloud to identify themes and vocabulary words and make predictions before reading.**Analyze current events by pasting text from an online article into Wordle. **Use Wordle to show the results of a survey or other data collection process. Rather than creating a graph of the results, type each response into Wordle. (Enter each response once for every time it was selected by a participant.) The responses that were given most often will be the largest pieces of text in the word cloud, so students can easily compare data using the text instead of a graph.**Have students create a Wordle instead of a PowerPoint for a presentation. The word cloud will help them focus on the big ideas and themes of the topic rather than details and specifics and provide the audience with a visually appealing graphic of the topic.**Have students insert a Wordle into a research paper or narrative instead of a picture. **Analyze the lyrics of a song or dissect a poem.**Create a Wordle to jump start a discussion about a historical event. Paste text summarizing the event into a word cloud and use it to identify the key factors, causes, and outcomes of the event.**Create a Wordle of weekly spelling or vocabulary words. Give students a pre-test and enter the most frequently missed words most often, so the most difficult words will be the largest.

Google is looking for the brightest, best young scientists from around the world to submit interesting, creative projects that are relevant to the world today. Check out the video below.Click here for more information!

Wallwisher is an online collaborative bulletin board maker. Use Wallwisher to give students an online space to post their ideas, questions, resources, etc. Here are a few ideas:*Post an upcoming topic of study and have each student create a sticky note about what they already know about the topic.*Create a virtual field trip by posting links to sites with videos, images, and info about a place of interest. Post sticky notes with guiding questions for students.*Students in a cooperative group can share ideas and research with group members.Click here to create a wall!

Click here to check out this online cloze text generator

Google Science Fair

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