Teaching with Tech 10.14.11

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Teaching with Tech 10.14.11

Teaching with Tech


Five Card Flickr Five Card Flickr is a site that enables students to create a story from 5 Flickr photos. Each time you load the page, 5 random Flickr photos are displayed. Click on a photo to add it to your story. New photos will then be displayed. Choose another photo, then another, and so on until you've selected 5 photos. Next, you'll see text boxes where you can type the title and body of your story. Once the story is complete, you'll get a link to the story that can be posted to your classroom web page, Edmodo page, blog, wiki, etc. Use the link to share the story with classmates or parents.Spell with FlickrThis site allows students to spell words with letters found in Flickr photos. All students have to do is type a word and click "Spell". The site then finds photos to match the letters in the word. To save the Flickr spelling, you can either copy the embed code and embed it into your web page, wiki, or blog, or you can use the Snipping Tool to capture and save a picture of the word.

Jayme LintonInstructional Technology FacilitatorStaff Development CoordinatorNewton-Conover City Schoolsjayme_linton@nccs.k12.nc.usTwitter: @jaymelintonhttp://bit.ly/orrM8g

Click here to read about the SimpleK12 Day of Learning on October 25th, a day full of FREE 30-minute educational webinars. Participate in online PD during your planning or after school. Topics include: Interactive Sites for your Interactive Whiteboard, Google Forms, Online Notebooking, Blogging, and more.

Hot Potatoes Quiz 10-17, 3:45, NCMSPublisher: More Than Just Newsletters10-20, 3:45, Shuford Using Mimio and Mimio Pads 11-1, 3:30, South Mimio Creation 11-2, 3:15, Conover Digital Student Portfolios 11-3, 3:45, Online

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Click here to check out an awesome Livebinder full of interactive websites to use in every content area. Thanks Jeremy Ross for sharing this great resource!

Did you know that you can freeze what you project while you do other tasks on your computer? Use the "Freeze" button on your projector's remote to freeze the projection. Then, you can work in other programs on your computer while keeping the same content projected. Thanks Jessica Faltermeyer for sharing this helpful tip!

Click here to access the Five Card Flickr and Spell with Flickr sites.

Teaching with Flickr



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