Teaching with love and logic

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Teaching with love and logic

Core Beliefs Survey /Classroom GOALS!!

* Puts teachers in control.* Teaches kids to think for themselves.* Raises the level of student responsibility.* Prepares kids to function effectively in a society filled with temptations, decisions, and consequences.

* Review and explore the three rules for teaching with Love and Logic through partner and group collaboration.* Review and establish team / grade-level goals based on your core beliefs and the Love and Logic fundamentals.


Teaching with Love and Logic

Rule 1

Provide choices with limits*Select choices you like.*The time to offer choices is when you are happy and everything is going smoothly.*If angry or frustrated: Refer to "The Delayed / Anticipatory Consequence"

Rule 2

Use enforceable limits•Effective application of limits requires that children have implied choices and are forced into the thinking mode.* Refer to "Turn Your Garbage Into Gold"

Apply consequences with empathyThe effective teacher administers consequences with empathy and understanding, as oppose to anger and lecture.What is empathy?How can one gain an empathicperspective?

Love and Logic with The Griswald's

Rule 3


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