Teaching the Renaissance

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Teaching the Renaissance

City-State: A city that acts as its own countryPatricians: Wealthy class, people coming from wealthy or noble familiesHumanities: Subjects such as poetry, literature, and historyArchitecture: the designing of a buildingPerspective (Art): A style of art that makes paintings more realisticPandemic: A disease that affects more than one countryMerchant: A person involved in tradeReform: making changes for the betterRepublic: a system of government in which voters elect officials to run the government and make lawsPrinting Press: a machine for printing text or pictures from type or plates.Fresco: painting made on fresh. moist plaster with color pigments dissolved in water

The Renaissance

Vocabulary Terms

Essential Question: What impact did the Renaissance have on our current society?Language Objective: Students will become familiar with the historically contextual vocabulary of the renaissance and apply it in relation to current society.

TEKS:History.A) use vocabulary related to chronology, including past, present, and future times;(B) create and interpret timelines; and(C) apply the terms year, decade, and century to describe historical times.Art.(A) compare content in artworks from the past and present for various purposes such as telling stories and documenting history and traditions;ELPS(G) demonstrate comprehension of increasingly complex English by participating in shared reading, retelling or summarizing material, responding to questions, and taking notes commensurate with content area and grade level needs;(H) narrate, describe, and explain with increasing specificity and detail as more English is acquired;

Art & Society

3rd Grade TEKS & ELPS

Content & Language Objectives


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