Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives

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Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives

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Close and Critical Reading Professional Development Resource Center

A brief overview of Fisher, Frey and Lapp's book by: Melissa Zurawski

Text and information can be easliy accessed these days, but are we actually thinking critically, analyzing and discussing what we are reading? The authors of this book propose strategies to help foster critical thinking skills, close reading and discussion based strategies for students in the classroom. These ideas lead to ways in which students can bcome "reading detectives" as they comprehend.


Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives: Comprehending, Analyzing and Discussing Text By: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey and Diane Lapp


"Proficient readers actively and reciprocally draw on their experiences to compare, contrast, validate and extend what they are reading" (Pressley, 2000). "The language of text manifests itself in the spoken language of stduents engaged in discussion" (Fisher, Frey, and Lapp, 2012).


Douglas Fisher, PhD is currently a professor at San Diego State University. He teaches language and literacy education for the Department of Teacher Education. He also teaches Health Sciences at the High school and Middle college level. He has worked in literacy leadership and receieved an International Reading Association Celebrate Literacy Award. Nancy Frey, PhD is currently a professor at San Diego State University. She teaches literacy at the School of Teacher Education. From the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, she receieved the Christa McAuliffe Award for her excellence in teacher education. She also received the 2008 Early Career Achievement Award from the National Reading Conference. Diane Lapp, EdD is currently a professor at San Diego State University and also teaches Health Sciences at the High School and Middle College levels. She has created a student internship program for high school students along with the HSHMC and a preK-6 school. This school has a 95% population of ELL students.

About the Authors

Video: Rigorous Reading By: Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

Fisher, D., Frey, N., Lapp, D., (2012). Teaching students to read like detectives: Comprehending, analyzing, and discussing text. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.

Below are schoolwide rubrics that can be used for text-based discussions with students from Fisher and Frey's book.

A Professional Development Initiative


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