Teaching strategies

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Teaching strategies

Teaching Strategies

What did we do?



Problem-solving (Scientific)

Setting Objectives and differentiating instructions

What I think will happen?

~ Problem solving decision making~ Investigations~ Experimental inquiry~ System analysis~ Invention and discovery

What happened ' Why?

Comparing and contrasting (eg. similarities and differences in two languages for ESL learners)~ Use metaphors and analogies~ Classifying (theme-based content)~Mnemonics (eg. hand knuckles for months of the year variations)

~ Set specific learning goals at the beginning of the unit~ Have students and teachers keep track of their progress towards the learning goal and assess themselves at the end of the unit~Become culturally aware of the student's background and differentiate instructions accordingly (See video below):

Generating and testing hypotheses involves the application of knowledge through inductive and/or deductive thinking. Students must be explicitly taught how to generate, test and explain hypotheses. Teachers engage students in projects that involve students in projects that generate and test hypotheses through tasks that involve:


Identify Similarities and Differences


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