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Teaching Resources

SIRS issue researcher: This website provided a great article for me that isn't necessarily for classroom use, but instead to help me understand where school are moving towards the Common Core curriculum. It specifically talked about the shift in Math curriculum, which will help me prepare for futrue teaching strategies. (IowaAEA)

Teaching ResourcesFor Miss VanDerSloot's Classroom

iPad Apps for School had a really good app called Penultimate. This app would help students take notes, they can use color or black ink, and organize their notes into different categories. This app would be good for doing group work and sample problems and instead of using white boards they are able to save their work.

Tagxedo creator offers a variety of different word arts that I can create for my classroom. I like that you can put it in any shape spell out any words with it. It will be a good source to use to make posters for bulletin boards in my classroom.

Britannica School-high: This website offers a really good article about the pythagorean theorem that would go along with the learn 360 video. It offers history about where it came from and how it developed. This would help students to really understand what they are doing when they use the theorem. (IowaAEA)

IXL is a website that offers practice problems for math that times you and keeps track of how many you get right. This would be a good website to use with groups in the classroom or for students to use on their own if they need extra help. It is divided into sections with each topic for easy access for students.

TeachingBooks.net has a really good book about math that also has a book guide with activities to do while reading it. This would be fun to incorporate into the classroom for a project at the end of a unit giving the students a chance to try some of the hands on activies that they have been learning about. (IowaAEA)

Worksheetworks.com is a worksheet generator that will be very useful to assign extra help homework problems that aren't just in the book. It'll offer students extra practice with problems. There are so many options for math assignments for all the different subjects.

WolframAlpha: This website provides students access for help on graphing problems and will be very useful in solving integrals for students in Calculus.

Learn360 video on the pythagorean theorem: This video provides a very quick overview of a lesson with great visuals that would be very helpful for visual learners in the classroom.(IowaAEA)


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