Teaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy

Ms. Dusek's Teaching Philosophy

Promoting Student Growth

"As young adolescents are developing physically, their social behaviors are changing, too: Their friendships and social networks are expanding; their allegiances and affiliations are shifting from adults to peers; their self-esteem is growing; and their lives are often plagued by mood swings" (Manning & Bucher, 2012, p. 39).


"Research studies (NMSA, 2010) link the involvement of both family members and other adults in the community with higher levels of students achievement , improved student behavior, and greater overall support for schools" (Manning & Bucher, 2012, p. 16).

"By emphasizing ethical and lawful behavior , [educators] can expose young adolescents to the concept of social justice, the value of citizenship, compassion, regard for human worth and dignity, and appreciation of diversity" (Manning & Bucher, 2012, p. 13).

Reengaging Parents

Social and Emotional


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Managing a Student-Centered Classroom

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Discipline with Dignity: "Classroom management should be student-centered, democratic, nonauthoritarian, and responsibility based" (Manning & Bucher, 2012, p. 219"

Connecting to the Community


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