[2015] Lauren Schmitt: Teaching Philosophy

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[2015] Lauren Schmitt: Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

My role as an educator is to teach the minds of others and impact the lives around me in a positive way. I want to teach students in ways that are fun for them yet the information being taught will stick with them. For example, small groups I feel are effective because students can talk freely and they’re able to discuss the problems in depth. Small groups allow the students to agree or disagree their points to each other and learn from each other. The purpose of teaching is to help kids now so they can grow in their lives. Students should feel able to approach their educator with any questions without feeling stupid or afraid. That is what students can expect for me is for me to be a warm, welcoming educator. If I’m going to be a warm, welcoming teacher I would expect my students to treat me the same as I will treat them. I will respect my students so I would want my students to treat me in the same respectable way. I would want my students to listen to me when I’m speaking and to not disrespect me. I will also be a supportive teacher. If a student raises their hand and gets the question wrong, I would praise them for volunteering and giving the question a shot. I will encourage trying, even if the student might fail. Students shouldn’t just be taught information like math equations or science labs. Students should be taught things that will help them grow individually. I believe most students can learn best from things that the students consider most relevant in their lives. To me, effective learning means teaching the students in ways that’ll get them thinking. Thinking not just about the topics discussed in the classroom, but thinking about them later on when they’re at home. I would also want to teach students topics that’ll get them asking multiple questions. I wouldn’t want students to take a few seconds to find the answer. I want students to ask questions and put thought into finding the answer. Even if the students put thought into a question to find a wrong answer, as long as the student tries that’ll make me happy and I will explain to the students why the answer is wrong in hopes that they’ll have a better understanding on the information being taught. I believe a good method to teach students would be to first try to get to know the students individually. If you’re close with the students, you have a better chance of understanding how they’ll learn. Also, if a student doesn’t understand what’s being taught and you understand how that students learns, maybe you will be able to explain the information in a different way that the student will understand. Better relationships with the students can also help them feel more comfortable in the class environment so they can feel more comfortable asking any questions they might have. It’s important to keep balance in the classroom between the individual learner’s needs and those of the classroom community. To help maintain the balance, I would assign individual assignments to the students as well as group assignment. That way the students will have opportunities to work alone and with a group. My goal for students is for them to walk away at the end of the day with more knowledge then they had when they entered my classroom. As an educator, I plan on maintaining good relationships with the community, parents, work colleagues, and administration. I would update my peers on what I’m doing in my classroom. Speaking of my classroom, I would have a very organized classroom environment. I would have bins and cabinets clearly labeled with the materials inside them so the students can easily find what they’re looking for. My desks would be organized into groups for when the students complete lessons in groups. To bring a global awareness into the classroom, I would try to relate some situations to student’s lives. I would also do several lesson plans revolving the global issues at hand. Also, I could plan some field trips that will be fun and educational for the students. The students wouldn’t be the only ones learning something. At the end of the day the students can give me feedback of my lesson of what worked well and what didn’t, what they understood and what they didn’t, etc. I enjoy seeing students learn and I will try to teach them to the best of my ability.

• The student desks are in groups because that way the students are encouraged to work together to solve problems.• The computers are in the back of the room because it’s a center for the students, they can use the computers for research.• The storage is up against the back wall because it’s not in the way of learning and the students can easily access it if they need any supplies.• The lounge section is in the corner of the room because it’s a quiet center for the kids to come to when they want to work independently.• The smartboard is on the front wall because it’s a way for the teacher to display the problems for everyone to see that way everyone can work through the problems.• The teacher’s desk is in the back of the room that way the teacher can observe the students as the work on problems. While watching the students, the teacher can pick times to walk around and talk to the groups and help or offer pointers if the students need them.

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