teaching english creatively

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teaching english creatively

A campatible matching of both multimodality and modern text types such as the implementation of video games are extremely beneficial in funding creative pursuits in teaching and learning throughout English education.

Teaching English Creatively

Effective creativity in English

Supported by the core features of creatively approaching lessons such as:1. Profiling meaning and purpose2. foregrounding potent affectively engaging texts;3. fostering play and engagement;4. harnessing curiosity and profiling agency;5. encouraging collaboration and making connections;6. integrating reflection, review, feedback and celebration;7. taking time to travel and explore;8. ensuring the creative involvement of the teacher.

The Exploration of Creativity

As we can see based on this video (VOA news, 2009), there are always nascent ideas and texts awaiting integration into pedagogical English strategies. Letting technological developments burgeon within modern teaching strategies as also discussed by Comber (2006), means filling a gap that exists between new students and outdated educational and English texts.

A clip on video games as a multimodal learning tool for English!(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCaZrnstw8g)

Encouraging learning via modern pedagogical pursuits (such as an increase in technological texts) is theoretically a solution to improving student engagement in hand with creativity.



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