Teachers as Role Models

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Teachers as Role Models

*Behave appropriately inside and outside the classroom. *Dress appropriately and professionally.*Treat each child the same. *Stay calm in all situations.*Handle situations professionally. *Encourage our student to do their best.*Collaborate and work well with colleagues, staff and coworkers. *Be mindful as to what you post on social media.

Always remember that teachers are public servants. We are examples for our community, as this we are held to a higher bar. Behaving appropriately when out socially, dressing professionally when in school and being polite to students and their families when outside the classroom. Also, when using social media, only post things the you do not mind others seeing and judging, as well as being approprite for a teacher to post.



Do Your Best

Teachers as Role ModelsEDU/315Jasmine Downey, Mechelle Bacon, Tracy Olsen, Stacy GallagherOctober 18, 2015Janis Wiley

Teachers need to be conscious of their surroundings and what they are doing at all times. Working with children in a public forum sets our exptations higher than normal and we need to set an example for our students and their parents.

What not to do: *Drink in excess*Wear tight and revealing clothes*Treat children differently*Yell and scream at our students*Harrass our students*Behave in an inappropriate manner


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