Teacher Librarians

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Teacher Librarians

What do Teacher Librarians Really Do?

Samples of technology-rich student learning co-taught with the teacher-librarian and classroom teacher. Click here.

Samples of teacher-librarian facilitated professional development for teacher colleagues. Click here.

Provide 24/7 Access to High Quality Resources for Students, Parents, and Teachers

Many Connecticut Teacher Librarians are also dual teaching certificate holders; one in "classroom" teaching and one in library media services.

Please read what the experts have to say...

Why We Still Need Libraries and Librarians

School Libraries Work (2008)

A Media Specialist is...

"A New Literacies Perspective considers the Internet as another important technology for literacy, just like a book, a pencil, or paper. As a result, learning to effectively use the Internet becomes a literacy issue, not a technology issue."

Don Leu, PhD Co-Director New Literacies Research TeamNEAG School of Education, UConn


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