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Teacher Librarian

- offers students a variety of resources, books, and services- provides curriculum related resources that also align with students' interests and the school's goals- offers students and staff opportunities to explore and research (which aligns with inquiry-based learning) - works collaboratively with all staff in the school, as well as other librarians in the board- maintains the library in accordance with the UNESCO Public Library Manifesto - remains up to date on the current technology trends and relays this information to students and staff

Obvious Roles

I believe that the TL has a very significant role in the school and th resources need to make this role successful are plentiful. It really depends on the board and what they provide, but there are so many resources and tools available to us on the World Wide Web and with apps that the possibilities are endless as to what at library can provide students and staff. I think the important thing is to create an environment that is accessible to students in all grades, as well as to staff, both teachers and support staff alike.


- fosters imagination, creativity, critical thinking and a passion for reading and learning - participates in on-going professional learning - is a positive and proactive support system for students and staff - provides students the tools they need to become successful members of society and lifelong learners - researches ways in which to make the library more accessible for everyone

Hidden Roles

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The Many Faces of the Teacher Librarian


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