Teacher leadership

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Teacher leadership

Some common teacher leader roles are as follows: -Resource Provider - Curriculum Specialist-Instructional Specialist -Classroom supporter -Learning Facilitator -Mentor-School Leader -Data Coach(Harrison & Killion 2007)

What is teacher leadership?

-Teacher leadership allows teachers to develop professionally by sharing their acquired expertises with one another.-Teacher leadership reduces isolation and allows teachers to collaborate with one another and expand their influence within the school .

Teacher leadership occurs when teachers with expertise, credibility, and knowledge mentor their peers by teaching them research based instructional strategies and best practices. It also allows them to use their expertise to improve the policies and procedures within their school and district.

Benefits of teacher leadership!

What research states about teacher leadership!

Studies suggest that teachers participating in decision making and collaborative teacher-principal leadership contribute to school effectiveness, teaching quality, and improvement in student performance (Greenlee, 2009).

Teachers who are leaders lead within and beyond the classroom, identify with and contribute to a community of learners and leaders, and influence others toward improved educational practices (Katzenmeyer & Moller, 2009).

Teacher leader roles

How teacher leadership can reshape school culture

All about Teacher Leadership

Teacher leadership allows teachers to work together as a cohort to change practices and methods within their school using diverse leadership by doing so they transform the culture in which they live and work (Lieberman & Miller, 2004).

A real teacher's experience with teacher leadership



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