Teach to Learn

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Teach to Learn

During Inquiry and Analysis you will:Explore other public service announcements (PSA's) to determine what makes a good PSAShare your ideas about great PSA's and comment on others' ideasLearn how to take screenshots and organize a PSAReflect on your learning

During Creation, you will:Create your PSAShare your PSA with a local and global audienceComment on other students' PSA'sReflect on your learning

Inquiry and Analysis

Developing Ideas

During Developing Ideas you will:Create a storyboard for your PSALabel each stage of the processPlan how you will create your PSAReflect on your learning

Creating the Solution

During Evaluation, you will:Compare your product to the assignment requirementsEvaluate the quality of your workSuggest ways of improving your workReflect on your overall performance


Teach to Learn!


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