TBW Chapters 3 & 4

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TBW Chapters 3 & 4

"You would make an excellent librarian but your teaching methods are more like an independent study hall than a real reading classroom"How would you respond to this parent?What does a "real" reading classroom look like to parents?How important is communication/PR when working towards becoming a Book Whisperer?

Think about how you start your Reading class time. Do you have a daily bell ringer or warm-up?What is your opinion about starting your class with independent reading time?Create a list of benefits and drawbacks of using bell ringers/warm-ups vs. independent reading.

Bell Ringers & Warm-Ups

The Book WhispererChapters 3 & 4

On pages 95-102, Donalyn Miller describes the reader's notebook she uses. Compare this to the reader's notebook you use in your classroom (if you use one).Explore your thoughts, ideas and opinions of the reader's notebook.

Reader's Notebook

Jon Scieszka

Jim Trelease

Beth Newingham

http://www.jsworldwide.comGuys and Books!



Reading Resources for Teachers AND Kids!

A "Real" Reading Classroom

WHY read aloud?

Books and Ties that Bind

See Reading Workshop in action!!



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