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Social Studies

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Tazia Clark

Life of Civil War soldier video

Fun Facts

Daily Life of Civil War Soldier

-Both(Union and Confederate) soldiers went everyday knowing that they may never see their families again and that they may die in the next battle

Most soldiers in the war died from disease. Some diseases came from close contact with people.

-Union soldiers went everyday trying/hoping to get a good enough general to win the entire war.

-The confederates went everyday hoping to find more soldiers and supplies to use in order to fight.

Book: The Union and The Civil WarQuote: Since leaving home I have not slept once with pantaloons(men's tight trousers) and coat off, have eaten only once at a family table, have not dreamed one dream, have not been homesick, but have wished the war would soon close so that I might join with friends and follow the employment I love. ~twenty-three year-old school teacher turned soldier

620,000 people died during the Civil War.

Union Soldier

Both Union and Confederate

Confederate Soldier

-Both sides went through mental and physical hardships everyday. The hardships were with coping with the fact that their friends or relatives have died in recent battles. Also from getting wounded in past battles and still having to deal with it.



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