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Taylors glog

Sharon CreechAuthor of the book: Ruby Holler

Hi I'm Sharon Creech. I was the first American to be the winner of the Carnegie Medal for British Children. For ideas in my books, people and events, using herself and some of her family storys give great ideas.I enjoy reading (of course), Kayaking, swimming, cross country sking, and when she was little she liked climing tree's and riding her bike.

Two themes in my book, Ruby Holler, are Friendship and Trust. In my book Friendship was important becuase they had to stick together in hard/tought times. They would have to work together and work things out even if it means risking your life. Another theme in my book is trust, in the book you have to know who you can trust and who you can't. Dallas, Florida, Sairy and Mr tiller could trust each other becuase they told the truth, expressed their feelings and were close to one another.

Dallas is the quite and like's to keep to himself, he is also more inclined to daydream.

Florida is loud and squirmy, with her mouth full of words bursting out, her face full of expression, flashing from surprise to disgust in an instant.

Mr. Trepids is a rude, loves rules and a controll freak. He lies to almost everyone, even his wife, he steals and all those bad criminal things. Warning NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

Alliteration: Willy walked wildly whilte winking wierdly Personification: With curtains of branchs dipping down.Simile: someone erased thirty years and there she was a kid again


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