[2015] 1 tara t: Taylor Swift songs

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[2015] 1 tara t: Taylor Swift songs

"I've never heard silence quite this loud!"

"Now we got bad blood, you know we use to be mad love. So take a look what you've done. 'Cause baby now we got bad blood!"

"Loving him is like driving a new Masarati down a dead end street."

"One day I'll be livin' in a big old city and all you're ever gonna be is mean"

"He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar, the only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star."

"You've got that James Dean daydream look in your eye, and I got that red lip, classic thing that you like."

"...Missing him was dark grey all alone"

"It's getting dark and its all too quiet and I can't trust anything now."

FlashbackA scene that interrupts to tell about an earlier time

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Metaphorecomparing two things without like or as

First Personperspective from only one person

Moodemotionally quality of a literary work. writers choice of language, tone, and sound devices


"Do you remember we were sittin' there by the water, you put our arms around me for the first time."

Conflictstruggle between two opposing forces

Oxymoronwhen opposite ideas are formed

ForeshadowingThe use of clues that hint at plot developements in the story

SimileComparing two things using like or as

"Don't you dare look out your window darling everything's on fire. The war outside keeps raging on."

Suspenseliterary work that makes the reader uncertain or tense for what's next

Imagery"word pictures" used to evoke an emotional response


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