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Taylor Swift Blank Space

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Big Machine Productions originated as an Independant American based record label who specialize in country music artists. They now produce, design and animate for clients and are distributed by The Universal Music Group. Their clients have included Nike, Subway, Microsoft and Taylor Swift.

This close-up is used to highlight Taylor as an artist. It shows her dark and heavy eye make-up with bright red lipstick, these both create a statement. The red lipstick has connotations of love, death and blood which overall makes her seem powerful due to her seduction. The dark eye make-up shows her to be negative and mysterious.

Within this video Swift's outfits change many times. She begins in a black lace dress, which almost resembles funeral attire. This presents Swift as being negative and morbid. This is then juxtaposed by a floral white dress which she wears when she is happy with her boyfriend. This shows that she is feminine, delicate and happy. This presents the idea that women are not happy until they are with a man.

This birds-eye view show shows the couple to be on a picnic with lots of luxurious food, such as champagne. This suggets that they have a lot of money and like to induldge.

A low angle of Swift at the stop of the stairs is used, this presents her as powerful as she is above everyone else. She is also surrounded by her large house which shows that she has money, and again power. This is unusual for females as they are normally presented as weak and reliant on males.

Joseph Kahn

Kahn is an American film and music video director who has won many awards for his work including MTV Music Video Awards. His clients have included BMW, Bacardi, Britney Spears, Eminem, Snoop Dog and Shakira. Kahn has directed three of Swift's music videos including Bad Blood, Wildest Dreams and Blank Space.

Swift is and American singer-songwriter who first pursued her career in country music at the age of 14. Swift is a seven-time GRAMMY and the youngest recepient of Album of the year.

Slow motion is used frequently throughout this video, especially when Swift is running. It draws attention to her and allows the audience to admire her beauty. Her hair flows slowly in the wind which also makes her seem seductive, this backs up Laura Mulvey's male gaze.

This graphic match is used of the two to create a connection between them. It also suggests that the apple wil be for him.

This video fits in with Goodwin's theory in many ways. Firstly there is a relationship between lyrics and visuals for example as 'screaming crying' is sang, Swift is doing the same. Secondly Swift has created a visual style as she is associated with being in relationships and writing songs about heart break. This is also demostrates genre characterists of pop music, as they tend to be about relationships/heart break. Finally there are intertextual references to snow white, when Swift is holding the bright red apple. This is done to show that the apple is not simply normally, but poisoness as it is in Snow White.

Goodwin's Theory

A very fancy car is shown within this video which suggests that the man is rich and therefore has power; this is a common stereotype of males. However the lyrics at the beginning of the video ("no money") suggest that Swift gave him the car, which therefore reverses the power roles.

My Opinion

I like this music video as it uses all of the micro-elements effectively, especially mise-en-scene. The props and settings have been used to illustrate Swift as very rich and slightly derranged. Editing has also been used very well to highlight moments. This will influence me to think carefully about all the mise en scene within my video.

Within this video women are presented as being reliant on men and very emotional. This is due to Swift's dramatic reaction (eg smashing the car), and also how she spends a lot of the video crying over the boy. This is a common representation within the media, as males are usually dominant while women are objects. However this video does juxtapose this stereotype as Swift has a lot of wealth, which connotes power, this is usually typical of males.Men within this video are presented to be cheaters and liars, which is again a common but negative representation.

There is a strong link between lyrics and visuals within this video; When Swift is singing about a break-up and a 'Player' we see the two arguing and breaking up. The tempo of this song begins very slow, as Swift becomes excited about the relationship which is growing. However the tempo then speeds up as they begin fighting, this creates tension and makes the break-up seem even more dramatic.


This music video is a mixture of narrative and performance based style. This is evident from us seeing Taylor break up with her boyfriend, while she is sining the lyrics.

Music Video Style


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