[2015] Selena Danner: Taylor Swift

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[2015] Selena Danner: Taylor Swift

Born: December 13, 1989Genre: PopYears Active : 11 years

Taylor Swift

Taylor is a Multi-Grammy Award winner. In 2010, she was the youngest artist to win the Grammy Award. Taylor Alison Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. When Taylor was nine, she did musical theatre and was in a few plays. She took vocal and acting lessons also. When Taylor was eleven, she won a country music competition. She started focusing on song writing at the age of twelve. taylor made an artist development deal when she was fourteen. She released a popular album in 2006 and sold 39,000 copies during the first week. In 2009, Taylor Swift became the first country music artist to win an MTV award. Taylor's most popular song in 2014 is Never Grow Up.

In 2008, Taylor was nominated for a Grammy Award in the best New Artist category. Taylor's Fearless video got "Video of The Year" and "Female Video of The Year". Taylor Swift's Speak Now album got No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2013, she was honored the CMA Pinnacle Award for her achievements.




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