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Taylor C

The history of Louis Reil by Taylor

the metis are saying that they want government documents printed in both french and english,the residents would be able to decide why they should be going to jail or why they shouldnt,they would keep their rights to their land,local officials would be elected by the local people and the federal government would negotiate treaties with the First Nations living there. The canadians agreed on it but they made minor changes such as Manitoba would have its own provincial government,the province would be able to send 4 elected members to the house of commons in otttawa and 2 members to the senate,there would be 2 publicly funded school systems one for protesetants and one for catholics, an area of land would be set aside for the mets to use and the natural resources of the new province would remain under the control of the federal government. This created the province of Manitoba

the reasons for the second metis uprising. one reason was because they were scared that they wouldnt have any land because the angliphones were moving in and there was alot of them and because the land was so small the metis had to move up westanother reason is that they were scared that they would have no food because the buffalo was being hunted to extinction.

Details of the uprising in 1885



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