Taylor Alison Swift

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Taylor Alison Swift

Taylor Alison Swift, is best known as Taylor Swift.Taylor was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading Pensalvania.Swift's grandmother was a opera singer, looks like her grand daughter's following into her footsteps.Music Type: A mix of Country & PopSongs: More than you can count!

---------Swifty--------I chose Taylor Swift as my favorite singer because, I love her songs and she's very inspireing.==============

Taylor swift has sold many albums, for example TimMcgraw,Fearless,Speak now and Red.Swift has everything down, she's Talented, she can Act, she's Beautyful, she writes great songs, and she can Sing!Many people across the world love Taylor Swift's songs! Her songs bring varity to the table!

Awards/Nominations*Female vocalist award* Favorite counrty artist award* Horizon music award* Female of the year award * Video of the year award* Swift's been nomianted for many grammys* Swift's won many grammys

Facts*Swift writes her songs like diary entries* Swift learned to play a Gutair at the age 10* Swift's songs are mainly about the guys that she's dated before* Swift's the youngest singer ever to be signed by the public* Donated $4 million dollars to a Education Center in Nashville

Taylor Alison Swift


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