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Taxonomy - Abubaker


By : Abubaker Iqbal

In the 18th century, a Swedish scientist called Carolus Linnaeus invented the modern system of taxonomy. Linnaeus is considered to be the founding father of modern taxonomy.

What is Taxonomy?

The Swedish Carolus Linnaeus created a different system of taxonomy. He changed the whole system of taxonomy. He grouped organisms based on shared physical features such as their outer shell and body shape.His work showed that it was easier to classify plants, animals and microorganisms. The system of taxonomy hasn’t changed since the 18th century. Currently everyone who needs to classify plants or animals still uses the same system of taxonomy which Carolus Linnaeus created in the 18th century.

Taxonomy is the science of classifying organisms. It also includes plants, animals and microorganisms. Taxonomy describes and arranges species into different classification. 250 years ago untill now taxonomy has named about 1.78 million species of animals, plants and micro-organisms.

Who invented the system of Taxonomy?



1500 Bc.

384 - 322 Bc.

Classifying organism dates back to the days of Aristotle (Greece, 384-322 BC) He was the first person to ever classify and living thing. He classified by two groups – one with red blood and the other without red blood. Some of the expressions he gave to animals were invertebrates and vertebrates. We still use them to classify animals today. His student Theophrastus carried on his work. The next taxonomist was Pliny the Elder (Rome, 23-79 AD). His complicated amount of work on natural history described many plants, and even gave many of them Latin names.


Taxonomy has been called the world's oldest line of work and classifying our environment has been as long as people could communicate. It is always important to know the names of plants and other organisms to communicate with our family members or groups. Many different plant illustrations started showing up in Egyptian wall paintings from c. 1500 BC. The illustrations showed that the plants needed to be classified.

18th Century



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