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Tax junk food

Lets help lower the obesity and diabeties rates in America! Taxing junk food could help lower the obesity and diabetes rates in America. The United States is suffering from an epidemic of obesity and diabetes and needs to do something about it before it goes too far. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 93 million Americans are affected by obesity. Almost 112,000 of those people die from obesity each year. At least 30 cities and states have considered taxes on soda or all sugar-sweetened beverages because of obesity and Diabetes rates.

Thesis Statement

Should the governnment tax junk food and sugary drinks?

We could save the government millions of dollars in heathcare money each year! The Healthcare cost in the united states is constantly climbing and the obesity cost is projected to reach $344 billion by 2018. The cost of obesity in the United States in 2000 was more than $117 billion. Diabetes is also cost the government millions of dollars per year for example, in New York City $4.5 billion in medical bills annually are spent on diabetes cost. A study by Y. Claire Wang, an assistant professor at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, predicted that a penny tax per ounce on sugar-sweetened beverages in New York State would save $3 billion in health care costs over the course of a decade. A tax of a penny-per-ounce, which is written into most of the bills introduced in state legislatures, would raise the cost of the average sugary drink by about 15-20 percent.

Counter Argument!1.The Government will not be able to decide what to tax and what not to tax.-The Government will have to decide what exactly they will tax and not tax but that will probably not be a big issue because they can make guidelines.2.The government has been subsidizing unhealthy good with tax dollar to make them cheaper in the stores. -The government did subsidize unhealthy good but they realize that it was an issue and are trying to find a solution to obesity and diabetes in the united states and taxing sugary foods and drinks could be a possible solution.3.In a study done by Mercatus Center at George Mason University consumers will not respond to taxation on junk food by changing behavior, which is a premise of these taxes.-This is one study and there are many studies to prove why we should tax junk food and taxing junk food could save the government millions of dollars per year.4.The usda estimates that 23.5 million U.S. citizens live in rural areas without access to fresh healthy and affordable food.-Out of about 300 million people 28 million live in rural areas that's about 11% of the people on the earth and even if this won't help 11% of the population it could still help the rest and make a difference!

The government should place a tax on junk food and sugary drinks because It will help the lower the obesity rate in the United States, it could help save the Government millions of dollars in Healthcare each year, and it will help the overall health in the United States.

Taxing junk food and sugary drinks could help the overall heath of people in America! In the past it has been proven that taxing cigarettes has helped to get the rate of smokers down and many people believe it could help with sugary food to. The average American consumes 44.7 gallons of soft drinks annually taxing these foods and drinks could help majorly. For Example, in 2000 the average New York City teenager drank 300 calories, or 24 ounces, of soda a day. With the obesity rates growing we need to find a solution fast. Americans on average consumed 278 additional calories per day between 1977 and 2001. Other countries are also considering or have already started programs to tax foods with negative effects on health. One other major challenge of stopping people from eating these foods is the marketers. The Public Health Department is also battling the brilliant marketing minds of the beverage makers. Coke, after all, is about happiness, Santa Claus, fun, youth, and harmony!

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