Tatra´s influence on Slovak identity

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Tatra´s influence on Slovak identity

Tatra is the highest mountain range within Carpathians .Tatra mountains extend along the Slovak Polish border. They are the smalles alpine style mountains in Europe.The highest peak is Gerlachovský štít (2655 m). Tatra mountains are part of Slovak national identity. They are very important for Slovak people: they are mentioned in the first line of the national anthem, shown in the national emblem and depicted on Euro coins. Slovakia is sometimes called „a land under the Tatras“. Many products in Slovakia are named after Tatra, like beer (Tatran), wafer bar(Tatranka), herbal liqueur Tatranský čaj), moped(Tatran) , a Slovak publishing company , bank (Tatra banka), many sport clubs, trains, restaurants,hotels,.Tatrín was also the name of one of the most famous societies in the 19. century for supporting Slovak culture and education .It was founded by Ľudovít Štúr, the leader of Slovak national revival and author of the Slovak language standard t



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