Tate Langdon

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Tate Langdon

A boy with multiple personalities. One side is the sweet innocent boy who would'nt hurt a fly, second comes his personality of confusion and disorientation of who he really is, and third comes the quiet side that'll shoot any person he likes.

Tate Langdon

Type of Disorder : Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D)Currency : .01% to 1% of the general populationSymptoms incude : Identity confusion, depression, anxiety, being disconnected from ones self, feeling that the world is unreal, and having problems with controlling emotions.

Tate grasped on to this disorder when he was left in a burning car by his mother, as an infant. Being that he didn't die, she kept him locked up in a crate underfed and unloved. She only took him out until he was too large, and the crate wouldnt close shut. After he was released, Tate made these multiple personalities to help him cope with the pain of the abuse that his mother made him go through.

Treatment 1 :Would get Tate into a safeenvironment and try to easethe anxiety that he might get.Treatment 2 :I'd suggest putting Tate into a deep hypnosis help him remember the problem that got him there and try to help him forget it and start new.



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