Tasmanian Tiger!!

by KeishaLaVonne
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Tasmanian Tiger!!

The scientific name for the Tasmanian tiger is- Thylacinus cynocephalus

My animal is the Tasmanian Tiger!

The Tasmanian Tiger!!By- Keisha

The Tasmanian tiger is known as a tiger from its stripes's of a tiger, the tasmanian tiger is also nown as the Tasmanian wolf.

The Tasmanian Tigers is a marsupial, just like a kangaroo.

Just like the Kangaroo, the Tasmanian tiger has a pouch on their undersides.

Some of the ways we can help the Tasmanian tiger is to stop cutting down the woodland, stop killing their food sources,

Other ways are to stop killing them for their pelts, Keep the reserve protected and keep track of them.

The Tasmanian tigers diet is made up of cattle, chicken, wallabies, sheep, and rabbits.

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