Tasmanian devils

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Tasmanian devils

What do Tasmanian Devils eat?

Diease: Facial Tumor Disorder

Introduction on Tasmanian Devils

Species related to Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian Devils live in Australia on the island of Tasmania

Tasmanian Devils live on the island of Tasmania in Austraila.Tasmania is an isolated island state off the south coast of Austraila.The capital of Tasmania is Hobart.FunFact: Tasmania is the largest of Austraila's islands and the 26th largest island in the world.

Tasmanian Devils are well-known to have a large appetite.They eat birds,snakes,fish,insects and dead carcasses (bodies) called carrion.Fun Fact: If a Tasmanian Devil is competing its own species for prey the winning Tasmanian Devil eats the prey and the other Tasmanian Devil.

The Tasmanian Devil is closely related with the rodent species.Both species have small fur like bodies,along with long tails,pink ears,a well-rounded head and sharp black noses.

Sadly,Tasmanian Devils have a contagious diease(humans can also get) called Facial Tumor Disorder(type of cancer),which is caused by parasitic activity. This is the main reason for causing the Tasmanian Devil's extinction.The disorder/diease makes it so the Tasmanian Devil has multiple rashes/blisters on it's face.And if the rashes/blisters are dealt with in an aggressive manner they can spread to their body and cause organ failure or even worse,death.The Tasmanian Devil can also get secondary infection or metabolic starvation because the Facial Tumor Disorder disturbs the feeding process for the Tasmanaian Devil.

Introducing Tasmanian Devils: Tasmanian Devils have sharp teeth,coarse black or brown fur, a black nose,white marking on neck shoulders and bottom.They also have clawed feet pale pink ears,hairy tail and a brown circle around each eye.They become no longer than 80 cm long and weigh up to 12 kilograms.Their tail is about 30 cm long and their front legs are longer than their hind legs. Fun Fact: Although Tasmanian Devils have naturally pink ears when threatened or angry their ears turn a dark red. Also, Tasmanian Devils are very serious about their food.

All about Tasmanian Devils

Baby Tasmanian Devils

Adult Tasmanian Devils


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