Tasmania, Australia

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Tasmania, Australia

The Tasmanian archipelago contains over 300 islandsand is only 150 miles from the Australian mainland. With a temperate maritime climate, Tasmanian weather is arid and experiences hot summers and cold winters. Tasmania is home to many endemic species due to its geographic isolation with 33 native land species and 41 marine mammals. Over 40% ofTasmania is government-protected land, but even that can't fully protect Tasmania's most endangeredbird : the 40-spotted pardalote. There are also many sea animals: whales and sea dragons love to visit the Tasmanian coast! Visitors enjoy observing them from the many seaside cliffs which are some of the highest coastal overlooks in the southern hemisphere!


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Student : Katherine Johnson

The population of Tasmania is roughly 510,000. Thecapitol city is Hobart with ~215,000 people. Tasmania thrives in nine different industrial sectors : tourism, gourmet food and wine, aquaculture, agriculture,forestry, the arts, marine manufacturing, and Ocean/Antarctic marine science! Tasmanians have a knack for innovation and some examples of this would be their electric infra- structure consisting mostly of hydroelectric and wind power! Tasmania also has an aboriginal history.Tens of thousands of years ago, the first inhabitants traveled across a land bridge which later closed as a result of rising sea levels from melting glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age. These people became isolated for 10,000 years until Europeans settled the area. Only remnants of the Aborigine culture remain as the last of the full-blooded died out in 1876.


Tasmanian Devil

Southern Right Whale



Hear the Unique Sound of the Didgeridoo!



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