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Natasha Lambert's Learning Style

How I learn

I enjoy learning most things. Finding out or understanding new things about life really interests me. However, I have always had a passion for the creative subjects: art, music and drama. I am person who stresses about everything, and the creativity and inspiration in those subjects brings a calming sensation over me like no other. For that reason, I have always loved and treasured those subjects. I hated learning most history and geography related topics because I do not have any curiosity or interest in those subjects. Additionally, I’m not very good at them, and I think that also influences how much someone enjoys learning a subject.If the teaching is done in an interactive, engaging way, it is more likely to elicit positive behavior from me. Examples of activities are group discussions, games, songs and using objects or practical resources to help teach. I was one of the good girls at school, so negative behavior was very rare for me, but I am more likely to behave negatively if the teaching is boring or dull. This would most likely be if the teaching is just speaking and not using any resources or technology to help keep me attentive and interested.

I don't learn very well if I am only taught verbally. I struggle to stay focused and even if I do stay focused, I still don't retain much of the information. I don't usually obtain a full understanding of the concept and most of what I hear goes in one ear and out the other. I am quite a visual person; I find it much easier to make sense of something if I can see it in front of me. Usually if someone is teaching orally, I need to at least be reading along or viewing a PowerPoint. There needs to be some sort of visual aspect to the teaching for me to learn as well as I can and should. I learn better if I can discuss and answer questions about the topic, or if can do something hands on with it. In school, I enjoyed games that aided our learning, or having to make our own games about what we had learnt. The practical, interactive aspect to learning really helps get what I have learnt to stay in my mind.As a child I remember I enjoyed being rewarded for learning. We would do a spelling test each week, and if you improved your mark from the week before (or got 100%) then you would receive a sticker or a point towards some sort of reward system. The reward motivated me to do better.I also love music, so in school I enjoyed songs that helped me learn.



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