Task Card 3 - Chemical Science

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Task Card 3 - Chemical Science

Step 1Watch the video above that explains Reversible and Irreversible reactions. Watch it the first time without answering any questions. During your second viewing stop and start the video as needed and answer the allocated questions.

Science Task Card 3

Chemical Science

Step 2After watching the video and answering the first 4 questions, move on to the simulator. Before using the simulator complete the prediction section in the tables, then use the simulator as is. Once you have completed the first simulation, click the 'reversing' button and complete the next set of simulations, recording the results as you go.

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Start Here

Step 3After completing the simulation and worksheet. Hand your worksheet in and complete the quiz individually.

Before we start please ensure you have the correct worksheet to complete the set tasks

Step 1 Spoken Instructions

Online Simulator

Step 2 Verbal Instructions

Click Image or Text to access Simulator

Example of how to use simulator



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