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Ms. Levin!

Fun Classroom!Creative Lessons!Happy Students!

I want to develop skills in lesson planning and classroom management. I have had previous experience working with kids, but I have never had my own class! I would like to learn about the different styles of learning for children so that I can increase my teaching abilities. I would like to develop skills on how to design lessons that will be both fun and challenging for my future students. Furthermore, I would like to learn how to structure my teaching style so that my students feel comfortable and confident with their pace of learning. Finally, I want to learn how I can help children who need more attention and assistance than the rest of their peers.

What do I hope to learn?

Ultimate Goals:

Why Be A Teacher?I love working with kids! I love the energy and fresh perspectives children share with the world. They talk with such enthusiasm and passion; the stories they tell are hilarious! I love being around them, and I especially love teaching them because kids have such a strong desire to learn. I feel fulfilled taking part in their exploration of themselves and our world. I have learned so much by observing life from a child's perspective. Oftentimes, kids will teach me more lessons than I teach them! Being able to teach children in a classroom setting is a true blessing. I enjoy role modeling the fun and fascinating ways children can learn about all different subjects. Learning side by side with eager, high-spirited young students everyday is exactly how I'd love to spend the rest of my life!



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