Tarzans Chameleon

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Tarzans Chameleon

BiomeLives in the lowland moist forest in Madagascar.temp ranges: 27 degress celcius

Tarzan's Chameleon(Calumma Tarzan) Grace Vogelsong

Characteristics length:5 inchesweight: unknowncolor markings:yellow stripes when stressedphysical discription:-flat snout (unique amoung chameleons)-color changes when stresssed

Tarzan Chameleon is critically endangered.

DefinitionsThreatened:any species that are vulnerable to endangerment in the near futureendangered:seriously at risk of extinctionextinct:having no living members

FoodThe Calumma Tarzan eats:-flies-crickets-wormsit gets food by hunting

ShelterThe Calumma Tarzan gets shelter by:-hiding in bird nests-living in designated areas for conservation created by scientists-roosts in forest vegetation 1-4 meters off the ground

AdaptationThe Calumma Tarzan's adaptation is mimicry. This adaptation helps my animal better in it's enviroment and may prevent it from becoming extinct because they try to mimic their surroundings in order to blend in too survive

Reason for endangermentThe Calumma Tarzan is endangered beacuse of:-Increasing clearing-degration of their habitat-living in unprotected regions-slash and burn farming

Species ImportanceThe Calumma Tarzan kills off flies, crickets, worms, and other small organisms. Doing this helps us because then, they won't over populate

Calumma Tarzan is on the list of top 100 most endangered


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