Tart in the 1930's

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Tart in the 1930's

Women did most of the house work mainly and the men did outside and hard working jobs sometimes.

Tart in the 1930's

Cultural expections based on gender

However much people want to pay the tarts. The price varies for every one.

Men, jewelery, money, and satisfaction

Cultural expections based on race

What They Had

Luxury Items

Annual Income

Daily Tasks

Their wasn't really an expectation. Your a tart, I mean you have one job and that is getting other guys on you for pleasure.

JeweleryMoneyMenVery open clothingMake-up

The term "tart" would be referred to today as a girl or women wearing apparel and make-up to attract sexual attention.

Various acts such as:: Sexual Dancing: Inappropriate things in a bar: Sometimes go home with other men: Paid sex


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