Tariffs raised

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Tariffs raised

CLP is going to raise its tariffs by 3.9% next year and the tariffs five years later will probably be 40% higher than now because it would need to use up a double amount of natural gas in order to meet the governments's emission target in 2015. On the other hand, the Hong Kong Electric has announced a prize freeze, meaning that it would not raise charges in the coming five years.CLP and Hong Kong Electric had already increased tariffs by 5.9% and 2.9% respectively earlier this year.



1) .Some citizens who live in Kowloon and New Territories complained that it was unfair and the raised charging added on a lot of pressure to their lives.2) Som also thought the new prize was acceptable due to inflation and the government's emission target in 2015.'3) Legislator and Labour Party leader Lee Cheuk-yun said both companies are always getting maximum profit under the government's scheme of control and urge the government to tighten the controls.


CLP Tariffs Raised by 3.9%


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