Targeting the Threat

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Social Studies
Jewish History

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Targeting the Threat

When a Jewish man became a murderer the whole german nation did not blame the man the blamed the Jewish religion. The jews were hated and their businesses and sacred places were destroyed. the cops didn't do anything about it either. Even the ambassador was more concerned about the Munich agreement with how the US was protesting how the Jews were being treated. The president of the United states made clear his opinion on the matter by saying, “‘I myself could scarcely believe that such things could occur in a twentieth-century civilization’”(Chapter 6 reading number 7). Although most americans were in support of this, more americans said they rather not take action. The Germans didn't kick the jews out instead they decided to restrict their lives which made it hard for them and was an even worse punishment. Then the Jews were trying everything they could to get out. the cuban allowed an escape but then when they got there they were forced back screwing over the Jews hopes for freedom. This made it easier for hitler to make the Jews look bad because it showed that the Cubans didn't like them either. It also didn't make sense how the Americans felt bad for them but then rejected them coming to the US. The propaganda game was strong.

The Germans decided to segregate the Jews from the main population. They didn't allow them many rights. this whole thing is about how the germans treated the Jews after they convinced everyone that the Jews were bad. The turning point was a night called Kristallnacht where the Nazis destroyed the property and synagogues of the Jews. Then they shut out the Jews from most rights.

Targeting the Threat

Germany invaded Austria on March 11, 1938, the invasion was called Anschluss. A meeting was held in Evian, France that included 32 nations talking about the growing number of Jews fleeing Germany and migrating to other nations. A representative of Columbia at the meeting asked, “Can a state, without upsetting the basis of our civilisation, and indeed, of all civilisation, arbitrarily withdraw nationality from a whole class of its citizens, thereby making them stateless persons whom no country is compelled to receive on its territory?” (The Night of the Pogrom, page 263). Hitler wanted more land and to take over more land because he was obsessed with his power. The British prime minister met with Hitler to try to make a compromise to stop Hitler’s increasing power. Hitler started what he called the “Aryanization” movement, which he felt would help strengthen the Nazis’ campaign in Germany. The night of November 9-10, 1938 is known as the Kristallnacht. The Kristallnacht was a night where the Nazis destroyed Jewish synagogues, homes and businesses. Goebbels described the Kristallnacht as a night where the Nazis showed their dissatisfaction to the Jews. Kristallnacht was a turning point for the Jews. Many Nazis resigned after that night. And many Jews put themselves into perspective after nearly losing their lives in a night of destruction.

When Nazis had enough power to convince people that the Jews were bad they did not hold off. The Nazis made sure that Germans and Jews would not have sexual relations with each other or they would be arrested. Jewish people were also not allowed to be hired by german owners. The owners were also firing jews. To be considered a Jew your parents would have had to be jewish or three of your grandparents. Hitler’s plan was to use the kid’s of Germany to create “the new world”. Kids growing up in Germany at the time only knew racism to jews so they would be raised that way to be the perfect army. Boys and girls would say Heil Hitler fifty to one hundred fifty times a day, to reinstate the fact that you had to listen to Hitler and what he wanted was the best and smartest thing to do for Germany. The school system was changed in order to meet Hitler’s demands. The boy’s learned how to be loyal to Germany and to be a Nazi soldier. Girls were strictly learning about childbirth. Hitler wanted to have as many babies as they could to create either more woman to make babies or to make male soldiers.


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