Target Audience

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Social Studies

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Target Audience

This is the song we are creating our music video to.

Our video is going to convey elements of pop music videos as it is a pop song.

We chose the 'young and hopefuls' because they are a similar age group to our actors therefore they willl be able to relate to them. We also decided to choose the 'lonely and dissatisfied because they will have been through challaging times in there life so they will empathise with the main character trying to oercome an abusive relationship.

These ^ are some examples of the media that our target audience will use. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the television are for the young and hopefuls and the radio, newspaper and the television again would be for the lonely and dissatisfied.

Target Audience

Our target: the young hopefuls ' the lonely and dissatisfied.

Our target audience will be the British and American as we feel that they were be able to relate the most due to it being an American singer and British actors in a British environment.

Characteristics of our audience:- emotional- hard working- extrovert lifestyle- fashionable- not necessarily easiest life- strength ~ emotionally


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