Tapestry of Hope

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Tapestry of Hope

Tapestry of Hopeby: Alice Kern

About the book

Tapestry of Hope is a novel about the life of Alice Kern and her experience in the Holocaust. In the book, Alice uses a very interesting prospective to tell about her childhood and early memories. She constantly uses flashbacks during the frightening times she lived in. This style is very different from other books written by Holocaust survivors. It a fresh book to read. It also has a lot of suspense to it. She talks about all of the hardships she faced and makes the reader wonder how she will survive.

About the Author

Alice Kern was born in 1923 in the small town of Sighet, Romania. She was a miracle baby. When she was born, she was very sick and not expected to live. However, since she was born on the Jewish holiday of Passover, the family added the baby’s health into their traditonal prayers. To everyone’s surprise, the baby survived. Alice grew up in a very privileged family. Her parents owned a store and had a large house which they shared with other family. Alice had nice clothes, make-up, an excellent education, etc. She was taken to concentration camps in the spring of 1944. In the spring of 1945, she was liberated. She later married Hugo and raised their four daughters in Portland, Oregon. Later in her life, she moved to Palm Springs, California where she died in 2010.

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