Taoism-Religion 35

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Taoism-Religion 35


Humilty and Non-Competition - to not participate does not mean to lose but rather that they cannot compete with you

Non-aggression and Passive Rule - the best way to rule is through nature, allowing for natural events to simply occur

Naturalness and Naturalism - nature guides the individual rather than society, ultimately nature should not be tampered with

The Lantern Festival - The lantern festival takes place on the first full moon of the year. people release lanterns into the sky at various places.

The Hungry Ghost Festival - ghosts that have not had a proper funeral are released from the under worldsPeople try and calm the ghosts

Marriage - The man and the woman is in a pakua. They combine an urn of water and fire to create steam.

Food - Tao monks and Nuns are required to be vegetarian and many taoists used to follow a diet called bigu

Breathing Techniques - a longetivity life technique used to enhance a person's ability to reach englightenment

Talismans - sacred writings and symbols that are protected and used differently by all practitioners



Purpose in LifeTo obtain immortality through containing the spirit within the bodyIn order to do so people must -focus attention on the body through basic physical rituals-regulate breath -behave in a moral way-harmony with Tao -search for the Isles of the Blessed and persuadethe immortals there to share their secrets.



Belief In the After LifeLife and death are two harmonious parts of the same whole. It is neither feared not desired as it is a transformation from being to non-being; Yang to Yin


BeliefsTao Te Ching believed that death is a return from life back in to the orginial unity of the Tao. Chuang Tzu believed that death was merely one among nature’s many transformations from one state to another.

Martial Arts - excersise of the body used by an individual to control regulate and achieve personal harmony


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